Sunday, March 14, 2010


When you are an addict in the suburbs, it's different from the ghetto. In the suburbs, you must mask everything. It's quite the facade. In the ghetto, you see from the exterior what it is. People's proble ms in the ghetto sit on thier front stoop in a broiwn paper bag. In suburbia it's the opposite. Almost like American Beauty. Often, the suburbs are worse than the ghetto. Being a prisoner in the suburbs means you must pretend. You must hide. You must smile. We don't cry in suburbia. We shower. We turn on the water and let it run. We cry as scalding hot beads of water prick our face. We kneel in a ball in a ceramic tub as scalding hot water hits our face and washes away what our eyes seep forth. It's easier. Because you can't taste your tears when the water washes them away and no one can hear you when the shower runs. If you're careful. I know.

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